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SEAMEO SEPS has developed online content that include video series, teaching and learning materials, and e-books about the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) and sustainability, encouraging all educators and learners to use and learn from these materials.

Decoding Banner

Decoding Sustainable Development DNA
“Understanding Sufficiency and Sustainability Vocabularies”


Four video series of the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and sustainability vocabularies.


SEPS Publications


Free download e-books about the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and sustainability.

Waste Hero Resource

Waste Hero Education Resource

Join force to be waste heroes in your community, Indorama Ventures PCL and Yunus Thailand have co-developed the Waste Hero Education Activity-Based Lesson Plans ready to use.

SEPS School

SEPS School


An online self-learning platform for life-long learners who are interested in Sufficiency Economy Philosophy for Sustainability. To help learners develop their new mindset and skill from head, heart, and hand. Also, link them to like-mind communities.

Movement for Life

Movement for Life


Teaching tools for educators and parents who teach or have kids with special needs, 12 videos are available to access. Created by Friends of the Arts Foundation and Thai Media Fund.

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