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SEAMEO Regional Centre for
Sufficiency Economy Philosophy for Sustainability

The Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) is a fundamental principle developed by His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej in the 1970s based on the foundational traits of moderation, reasonableness, and prudence, adding knowledge and virtue as guidelines for living. This philosophy is an approach to sustainable development that promotes utilizing knowledge and virtue to create a sense of moderation, reasonableness, and prudence. It stresses the middle path as the overriding principle for appropriate conduct and way of life for the entire populace.
SEP thinking has supporters across Asia and on other continents. The SEP principle is, thus recognized by many global players such as international institutions, NGOs, businesses, and especially rural local communities across the world.
Education is one of the most important cornerstones of self-sufficiency. It lies at the heart of the capacity building, specifically in regards to human development. Education plays a vital role in encouraging inclusive development, contributing to the enhancement of regional competitiveness, improving the quality of people’s lives, equipping Southeast Asia with improved technology, and creating knowledge-based societies.
The SEP looks to education as foundational to any social system. By introducing the SEP MINDSET into schools, students will see the SEP way as a given as they join the workforce. In this sense, the education sector is particularly important to encourage SEP practices in the real world.
SEAMEO SEPS wishes to inspire member countries to consider implementing following the SEP for SDGs. It can help introduce a new mindset and new education platform to member states in the hope that this principle would be able to serve as key components of the national, regional, and international development education for SDGs.

Our Vision


“A Regional Centre of Excellence for Rationalizing and

Applying the Principles and Values Enshrined in the

Sufficiency Economy Philosophy for Sustainability.”

Our Mission

  • To serve as the SEAMEO Regional Centre of Excellence for applying the principles and values of the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP)

  • To be a professional learning and knowledge Resource Centre for the SEP

  • To Consolidate and Share expertise on Research, Consultation, and Dialogue on the philosophy

  • To act as a focal point for coordinating shared efforts aimed at Sustainable Human Resource Development based on the SEP

  • To develop and expand Partnerships and Linkages on the SEP among countries at the regional and international levels.

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